Narcissus (Daffodil)

Botanical Information

CategoryBulbs, Perennials


USDA Hardiness Zone4 - 8
USDA Hardiness Ref.
Canadian Hardiness Zone3a - 7a
Canada Hardiness Ref.
RHS Hardiness ZoneH4 - H7
RHS Hardiness Ref.
Temperature (°C)-40 - (-15)
Temperature (°F)-40 - 5
Height15 - 75 cm
Spread15 - 30 cm
Flowering PeriodMarch, April, May

Description and Growing Information

CultivationAbout every five years or so, as the number of blooms decrease, lift clumps with a fork after the foliage has withered. Pull the bulbs apart and detach any offsets, replant bulbs three times their own depth, and depending on plant size 3-10 cm apart.
PestsThe A.M. Cuddy Gardens, Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.